OK Dockets


What is OK Dockets?

OK Dockets is a web service that scans a list of your cases for updates multiple times a day. If a pleading is filed, an order entered, or any other manner of update appears on your case's docket, you'll receive an email showing you exactly what happened. The results are aggregated so you won't get inundated with emails and you won't have to go back to OSCN multiple times a day to check on your cases.

OK Dockets was born from the day-to-day problems of lawyers managing, tracking, and monitoring their cases.

Who can use the service?

Anyone who is interested in tracking the status of an ongoing state or local court case in Oklahoma can use OK Dockets. We're initially focused on the needs of lawyers, but are interested in hearing from other types of customers about their needs as well. Contact Us

Who runs this?

OK Dockets was initially conceived of by an Oklahoma lawyer who recognized a need to easily stay on top of his open cases. He then partnered with an experienced technologist to build out what is now OK Dockets.